My Pipers have many unique features that make them stand out from the rest:

1.  They are organic cotton!  Crafted with certified organic cotton for a super soft feel.  The fabric is breathable, lightweight and made to last.

2.  There is no front opening!  My Pipers were first designed for girls.  Girls have no need for a front opening.  However, we soon found out from other Mommies that most boys (my own son as well) seldom use the front opening.  That is why we are excited to welcome boys into our world, a world where My Pipers are for all children, not just boys and not just girls.  

3.  They are not plaid!  My Pipers feature custom hand drawn designs drawn by children.  Our own two children, Piper (age 5) and Tobin (age 9) hand drew every single design from the bicycle to the unicorn to the heart to the butterfly.  The "FREE TO BE ME" statement and logo was written and designed by Piper, and our children choose the boxer colors as well. My Pipers are created FOR children BY children in the spirit of fun, freedom, and fairness.

4.  They are shorter!  My Pipers are designed to fit under skirts and dresses without showing.  The original "boy boxers" were much too long and peeked out under the hem.  Now the fit is much better!

5.  They are for everywhere and everyone!  From underwear, to playwear, to afterwear, to sleepwear and so many others.....larger sizes coming soon!