Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to a world of new & improved BOXER SHORTS FOR GIRLS!  

And boys!  But no longer just for boys and not just girls either.  


My Pipers boxer shorts for.....underwear, overwear, sleepwear, playwear, EVERYWHERE!!!

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Keira loves My Pipers...her favorite are the pink and then black...she loves wearing them under dresses, I used to have her wear leggings but now she grabs My Pipers first.  She sleeps and plays in them too.  

Olivia M.

Both of my daughters love My Pipers!  They're wearing them constantly, whether it's to bed, under their dresses, or just as shorts.  The fabric is so soft and I love that the cotton is organic.

Krishni A.

My Piper's are a lifesaver for my daughter and I!  Finally a way to have some modesty without a fight about uncomfortable tights, leggings, or bike shorts!  Our mornings just got so much easier.  

Noah B.