One day my daughter had an idea. 

To. Stop. Wearing. Underwear.  

As in...refused to.  As any mother would do, I went out and bought every darned pair of underwear from every feasible store I could find.  None would do.  Not briefs, not boy shorts, not one a size too big, not one a size too small, not even bicycle shorts.   They had too many seams, all were too tight, too rough, too itchy; everything about them was wrong.  One morning, in a fit of desperation, Piper grabbed a pair of her brother's boxer shorts and put them on under her dress.  We all laughed...and then paused.  It worked.  Hooray!  Problem solved! I thought, now I just have to find some that fit a better and have cute patterns.  Well, it couldn't be done.  All were too long and peeked out under dresses and skirts, all had that super functional but not for girls front opening, and all were plaid!!!  Viola!  My Pipers were born.  We started talking to other families and found out that other girls were having similar issues.  We are excited, thrilled, and relieved to bring My Pipers into this world.  My Pipers is a world where equality, sensitivity, and individuality matter.  A world where boxer shorts are sold to everyone (not just to boys, not just to girls, but to ALL children), and are cute!

My Pipers.....underwear, overwear, sleepwear, playwear, everywhere!

My Pipers are perfect for doing what little people do best...PLAY! They are awesome under dresses and skirts at school (especially those mandatory school uniform ones), and even your Karate Gi uniform and we just discovered soccer shorts!  They are fun and comfy over bathing suits, leotards and tights. They are best for sleeping, for lounging, for the park, for the beach. . . you name it! They are not intended to fit under leggings, tight shorts, tight jeans or tight pants.  

My Pipers color choices, fabrics, and the graphics printed on them were hand drawn, designed, and chosen by our own children for other children in the spirit of fun, freedom, and fairness.  Not just for girls, so boys, enter our world!  Did we mention that My Pipers are made from certified organic cotton?! 


10% of My Pipers proceeds will be donated to causes we care about....there are too many to pick just one:

We love: www.savethechildren.org / www.casaforchildren.org / www.dreamingzebra.org / www.healingartsreachingkids.com / www.unicefusa.org / www.malala.org